Monday, May 7, 2012

Russian Mafia Organizes Russian Cybercrime Market, Doubles in Size

Below, a report about Russian Cybercrime issued by Group-IB.

Key Trends in 2011
·         Russian Cybercrime Doubles: The global cybercrime market was more than $12.5 billion in 2011. The global Russian speaking component of that market was more than $4 billion; and the Russian national cybercrime market was $2.3 billion, essentially doubling last year’s number of $1.2 billion.
·         Mafia Professionalizes Russian Cybercrime: Traditional crime syndicates are beginning to organize the previously disorganized Russian cybercrime market. In addition, these crime syndicates are beginning to work more closely together, sharing compromised data, botnets, and cashing schemes.
·         Online Fraud and Spam Account for More than Half of Russian Cybercrime: In 2011, the largest type of Russian cybercrime was online fraud at $942 million; followed by spam at $830 million; cybercrime to cybercrime, or C2C (including services for anonymization and sale of traffic, exploits, malware, and loaders) at $230 million; and DDoS at $130 million.
·         Criminal profiles: Group-IB specialists and CERT-GIB analysts profile details of 5 cyber criminals caught in 2011.

 The full report can be found here