Sunday, January 22, 2012

So who heard about 0xOmar lately?

 The guy has been literally silent for over 4 days (ever since he tried, and thankfully failed, attacking Israeli institutes via distributed and more dedicated attacks).

So what about 0xOpportunism? Just showed up really. Many people are riding on 0xOmar fame (whether he's underground or simply waiting). Since Omar posted most of the details over, it appears people are "abusing" it to publish ad-sponsered links claiming "more success" by 0xOmar.

Here's an example:

So what have we got here? An link – making sure SOMEONE is making money out of page entrance. However, I figured, most opportunists would simply refer you to (after they've tricked users into thinking they're actually reading genuine Omar materials).

But no.

That’s what we get (attached is a text file).

Anyone notices something odd? I can't verify whether these cards are genuine – however, two things are possible:

1)      Someone simply made an English prediction program that simply finds Israeli names, Israeli cities and Israeli streets – and builds a custom, fake credit card information file.
2)      (more plausible) – Someone extracted Hebrew information. GOOGLE TRANSLATED IT, and published. Omar? Friends of his? Someone else?

Why google translate? Because it seems, some people in the file live in an Israeli town called "PRIME EYE". Isn't this a lousy translation for "Rosh Ha'ayin"?

What about "Group Transit" city? Kibbuts Maabarot? Could be.

 Is this genuine? Is someone making money of Omars fame and Israeli paranoia? Interesting.