Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Following the breach & exposure of the credit information of more than 400 thousand Israelis

Technologically, there is no nothing new in these kind of breaches.
These types of attacks, techniques and tools, are identified and are well known. The motivations of the various hackers, assault and theft, were and are still there. Maybe just in another form, by adding a dimension of cyber-terrorism or vandalism.
It is important to note that the relevant organizations are investing effort and money to enable secure payments online, Including credit card companies, as well as many online businesses. Commercial sites that do not properly handle the security aspects hurt themselves but also other industrial and consumer users.''
Word of advice to the private user:
1. Certainly one can trade online securely, including credit card use. It is important to understand that appropriate solutions to the challenges of security do exist and many companies do implement these solutions.
2. When you purchase online, it is important to be aware of information security issue in the specific site, and bring that into account when selecting  your shopping place.