Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Product Focus - Secure Islands' IQProtector

At Comsec, we are often times exposed early on to innovative information security products and technology as part of our ongoing work in the field. Comsec prides itself on being "vendor neutral" in our consulting services; this however does not change the fact that we many times encounter products we just find really neat.

We have chosen to dedicate this blog post to a cutting-edge Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and Information Protection and Control (IPC) technology called IQProtecter, provided by Secure Islands, since it impressed us with its capabilities on a professional level.

While, there are numerous DLP and IPC products in the market today, we have recently had the opportunity to experience this technology firsthand, and find that it delivers an advanced and much-needed solution through a unique approach that provides an interesting twist on existing solutions – giving this product an added fresh factor. But feel free to read about it yourself.

Secure Islands Technologies, Ltd. & the Data Leakage Prevention Challenge
Many organizations today have trouble controlling access to data that is classified as sensitive, seeing as it is many times transferred via numerous channels utilizing different technologies. These companies find themselves facing the continual challenge of ensuring that files classified as sensitive do not lose their classification with the dynamic and deperimeterized working methods employed today.

The Fresh Factor: Existing DLP solutions usually attempt to forestall the leakage of sensitive data as it tries to pass through the various organizational exit points such as IP networks or exits at the endpoints. Secure Islands' new solution removes channels, exits, and users from the equation – and uniquely embeds persistent protection and classification within the data itself, at the moment of creation or initial organizational access.

How They Do It: Leveraging predefined parameters, group policies and other methods of digital rights' management, the IQProtector technology performs a rapid content-aware, infrastructure-agnostic, usage-based discovery process - analyzing and classifying data accessed during actual business activity, and creates an enterprise-wide mapping of where sensitive data resides, who accesses it, where it is sent, and how it is used. This, in effect, facilitates a number of different issues and processes within an organization, including: regulatory compliance, business policy definitions, classification, control, compartmentalization, encryption, and overall ongoing analysis.

If you would like to hear more about this technology, be sure to join us at two upcoming events:

Comsec Consulting, will be hosting a breakfast event featuring this ground-breaking security technology September 16, 2010, at the Van der Valk Hotel, Breukelen, the Netherlands - attendence is free, but requires registration in advance. To register email: uscham@comsecglobal.com.

In addition, Comsec will be presenting at the Microsoft Open House dedicated to Secure Islands' technology, October 4, 2010 in Raanana, Israel. To register click here.